Welcome to my profile!
I'm William P (known online as Metallic)

Information About Me

Let's start with the basics. My name is William, otherwise known as Metallic in online communities. I'm a software development student living in the UK with a passion for tech. At 16, I turned my love for gaming into a business opportunity and continue to act as a company director at Encrypted Laser Limited, managing operations at both PrimeNodes and ELHostingServices on a daily basis.

While my current focus relates to website development and system administration, my general skillset includes:

  • Customer Care & Support
  • Front & Backend Website Development
  • C# Application Development
  • RedHat/Ubuntu/Windows System Administration
  • Business & Personnel Management


Launched on the 1st of January 2018, PrimeNodes operates as an infrastructure provider offering LiteSpeed web hosting, i7 virtual private servers, bare metal services and DDoS protected London colocation to enthusiast and corporate customers.


A project developed to provide a temporary elegant solution to combat the lack of chat history provided on Steam until required to due to GDPR by combining a stylish front-end user interface, backend C# chatbot and powerful analytics.

WHMCS Discord Notifications

An open source PHP hook to integrate the popular hosting provider billing platform, WHMCS, with Discord to allow important notifications to be pushed through in real time to allow for quicker response times without the delay of email delivery.


Created in February 2016, ELHS is a rapidly growing game hosting provider offering dependable web hosting and game services that are secure, powerful and reliable based from London and NYC to customers around the world for a very competitive price.


Created in September 2014, ELGCommunity was a gaming community that operated until Febuary 2016 that was based around the DarkRP and MilitaryRP gamemode within the game Garry's Mod that featured custom user interfaces, scripts, playermodels and map.